Bible verses about dating other races

Mutations that give an organism a survival and reproductive advantage will be more likely to show up in offspring.

Genes that code for proteins are composed of three-nucleotides (U/T, A, G, or C).

All life on Earth uses a three-letter code to produce 20 standard amino acids.

Researchers have artificially expanded the genetic code to produce additional amino acids as tools, but all natural life use the same 20 amino acids from our common descent.

By comparing the ratio of uranium-238 to lead-206, we can estimate how old the rock is.

These fossilized bacterial colonies date back 2.7 billion years and may extend 3.4 billion years.I’ve used links to articles in Wikipedia as much as possible because Wiki articles are refined over time with our understanding of the subjectmatter and are less subject to link-rot.This post is licensed Creative Commons and all photos listed here are available under some form of free-to-use licensing.Please feel free to refine this list and repost it, just please preserve the photo credits and links to photographers.Also, suggestions for improvement on any items is welcome as this is a lot of material over a wide range of scientific fields, so I have certainly bungled some things here.

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